Basa: The Ultimate PoorFoodie Fish

by Sharon Scott

The pink succulent flesh draws me in.

I want to share my experience with a new fish that has become the rising star at the dinner table of late. It is a farmed river fish from Asia called Basa (sometimes labeled Swai or Pangasius at the grocery). At my butcher – Pavilions – it holds steady at $3.99/lb., so if you’re watching your pennies, it’s a protein you might want to consider.

Filets average about six ounces… and around 90 calories each.

Did a tiny gasp just escape your lips? Yep, 90 calories. And with twice the protein as an egg. Now, it also contains about 25% of your daily cholesterol, so if that is an important flag in your diet (and it is in mine – I have hereditary high cholesterol), then keep that in mind as you start to incorporate it into your weekly routine.

It is a mild white fish with the delicate texture, more like halibut than its actual catfish lineage. It takes flavors well, and is one of the most flexible fishes I have ever used. So far, I have served it breaded/baked over a warm bean salad, pan-sautéed over edamame and tomato, and as a fish cake with mustard, capers and herbs. Without fail, it has made me look like a culinary rock star.

I am not exaggerating the success of this little seafood sensation with the family, and I encourage you to give the little river-dweller a go.

Now I just need to remake all those dishes (and come up with new ones), so I can get pictures and share them with you here.

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  1. Vickie Says:

    Wow…this looks really good. Must try!

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